Physical Fitness is not a punishment...

it's a reward!

The mission of M.B.S. Training is to model a disciplined lifestyle through physical fitness and wellness development by methods of education and physical training in order to exhibit a better way of life. M.B.S. Training focuses on three main elements which enable an individual to achieve physical fitness excellence.

  • mind – training starts with a made up mind to want a better way of life.
  • body – the body responds to what the mind instructs it to do.
  • spirit – you have to have a positive and willing spirit to achieve excellence.

M.B.S. Training delivers challenging workout classes designed to address the needs of teenagers and adults of all ages.

Each class provides energetic exercise activities & intensified obstacle courses that will challenge each participant to burn calories, increase endurance, and build muscle strength.

The group interval workout class create an atmosphere of hardworking, goal-oriented, individuals striving vigorously to accomplish set goals!

The decisions we make in life say a lot about our character. When an individual incorporates discipline into their physical fitness lifestyle, it displays an immeasurable level of control one has over their body.

Want to see what we're all about before taking the next step? Head over to our YouTube channel and watch a few of our videos.